Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness

“Culture, a system of beliefs and values shared by a particular group of people.”
~ Craig Storti ‘The Art of Crossing Cultures’ Yarmouth:Intercultural Press, 2001, p15

Our culture gives us a set of expectations about how we should act and react when we communicate with people from the same culture. Once we are placed in a different, or multi-cultural environment, we may find that our expectations are different or inaccurate.

WINGS Education is about working together for positive change. It is about exploring beliefs, perceptions and attitudes that enable us to connect in meaningful ways with others. As we learn to appreciate each other and work towards more effective communication, mindsets shift.

This course aims to develop awareness, understanding and appreciation of the skills, attitudes and beliefs necessary to work effectively in Papua New Guinea, a multi-cultural country with over 800 recognised languages and cultures.

Course Objectives

  • To develop specific cultural knowledge and content
  • To develop awareness, tolerance and openness by understanding similarities and differences amongst cultures
  • To develop an understanding of different Papua New Guinean cultural protocols, etiquette and stereotypes
  • To explore Papua New Guinean history and the implications of transition

Training Approach

The approach taken is participatory. Facilitators guide the learning process so that participants reflect on their experiences, recognising the diversity of their own cultural background. Discussion groups, multi-media and panel presentations, small group work and learning games encourage effective interaction.

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