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WINGS Education values our partnerships to create synergy for change.

National Department of Education

Department of Education Bougainville

Escuela Nueva, Colombia, South America

WINGS Education is passionate about supporting positive change in Primary Education. Our focus area is Bougainville. Bougainville has been scarred by the conflict from 1987 – 1991 between the PNG Defence Force and BRA. (Bougainville Revolutionary Army) The legacy of this period continues. The country is working towards reconciliation and peace. It is going through a period of rebuilding. Children have suffered for decades, from a lack of quality education.

We are currently working with the Government to implement a rejuvenated approach to Education.  This “New School” approach or Escuela Nueva has been developed in South America and rolled out to 20 countries and the results are stunning!

Escuela Nueva improves retention, academic achievement and it nurtures strong values, social skills and democratic, cooperative behaviour, to encourage peaceful co-existence in the community. It builds valuable skills for the future. The approach is aligned with the Bougainville Education plan, promoting integral human development skills and self-reliance for a prosperous future.  We are very excited about this program.

We are very fortunate to have Henry and Rosemary Kariha helping us to deliver this initiative. They hold title to land.

Henry is from Arawa, in Bougainville. He is commited to strengthening his community. He believes entrepreneurship and innovation hold the key to a different way of thinking about change. Henry is an Australian Awards Scholarship recipient.

Rosemary is a very experienced educationalist and her last position was with the International Education Agency. Rosemary is very passionate about education. She is a double Australian Awards Scholarship recipient and has completed a Masters Degree in Elementary Education And English as a Second Language at the University of Queensland.

Our intentions:

  1. To establish a school as a “learning centre” for the community, honouring the traditions of the past, guiding us into the future, modelling best practice.
  2. To implement a pilot program in Government schools, using the Escuela Nueva approach…linking to the “learning centre.”
  3. To promote, provoke and create continuous learning for all.

Together, we can strengthen community and build hope. We can grow self -reliance and prosperity, maintaining the foundation of culture, interwoven with environment, modelling peaceful co-existance for all.

We invite you to join with us to be the change.

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