Business English

Business English

This course aims to provide participants with the opportunity to practise and improve communication skills in English in order to develop more confidence, fluency and accuracy in the workplace. All modules will include practice with enunciation, grammar, sentence structure, reading and writing.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will;

  • Identify common components important for accuracy in reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Identify function and usage of written communication
  • Speak and contribute effectively in business contexts with increased clarity
  • Plan and organise meetings and events
  • Develop guidelines, reference materials and proformas for practice and to support ongoing learning

FACILITATOR: Jessica Wohiemani /Karen Mitchell /Kini Rema
GROUP SIZE: Maximum 12 participants
COURSE DURATION: 5 x 2 hour sessions: one session per week (10 hours total)

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